The Pain of Success

Embrace Pain  Believe it or not, pain can be the best thing to ever happen to you, especially on your climb to success. Pain and struggles force you to view yourself differently. It exposes your flaws…things about yourself that you might not like.

Acknowledge that there are weaknesses, no matter how painful it may be, and then set out to work on them.  Deal with the emotions rather than hide from them. Use them as a tool to build you up rather than tear you down. Embrace the struggle and the pain that comes with it. Just know that the more pain you endure the more you are going to transform into the successful person you would like to be.

I have truly lost count of how may times I have struggled and painfully failed. What I do differently now than I did in the past is that I don’t give up. I now refuse to let my emotions overtake me…to stop me from doing what I set out to do. I may get detoured…I may have to change my planned route, but I keep going.

Anyone who has reached any level of success understands that it does not come without hard work, devotion and sometimes emotional and physical pain. When you push through and overcome the obstacles, the victory seems so much sweeter. Determination, refusing to give up, and the undying desire to  see your visions come to life will help you achieve anything that you so choose. When you believe in your potential, there is no amount of pain that will keep you from achieving the success you desire. Your “I don’t know” turns into “I will find out,”  your “I can’t” turns into,” I can,”  and your “I don’t have the time” turns into “I will find the time.”

Now you go…move forward into the direction of your dreams no matter how far fetched they may seem. Do what seems impossible and allow it to stretch you and mold you into who you were meant to be. You deserve success unlimited and I am believing in that for you. Now, what do you believe?

Teresa L. Holmes

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