The Joy of Celebrating

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I have always loved celebrations, but my greatest joy came when I learned to celebrate someone besides myself. This was not an easy feat for me. What I found when I truly started to self-reflect was that my selfishness and insecurities had me believing that when I celebrated others, I diminished my own self-worth.

As I grew to love myself, know my own value and stopped comparing my self-worth to that of another, I learned that honoring and celebrating others for their accomplishments was actually more fulfilling.

I am now the Executive Director of a movement called Bounce Back DNA. Within that movement, I, along with others, not only share our stories of triumph.  We also have the distinct pleasure of honoring others at various honors program.

I personally don’t just stop there, however. I also honor my team for their accomplishments. This past weekend I was blessed to honor our teen movement leader, Taylor Smith, for her outstanding contributions. Taylor is also an overcomer. She has an amazing bounce back story. She is a victor over bullying, self-harm (cutting) and contemplated suicide.

Since joining the movement, Taylor has absolutely excelled. She is now a published author, public speaker, advocate against bullying and a positive example of where patience and tenacity can take you. Teen Bounce Back DNA is blessed because she chose to be a part of it.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bounce Back DNA Movement please join our Face Book page or send a message to

If you are a teen or know a teen who may be interested in the Teen Bounce Back DNA Movement, please join or direct them to join our Face Book page or send an inbox message to Anita Inman, Director, Teen Bounce Back DNA or Taylor Jade (Smith), Teen Bounce Back DNA Leader.

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