Taking Time to Breathe

Just Breathe II

Many days for me used to be so frenzied that I felt like I was running fast to nowhere…so fast that I could hardly catch my breath. My to-do list ran off my desk and down the hallway. I was overtired, overcommitted and overwhelmed. There were days that I wanted to scream out loud and some days I did. Well, actually I still do, but I have now learned some valuable lessons as it relates to managing my time.

As women, much of our time is spent fulfilling obligations that are self-imposed. We feel like we MUST maintain a house that is spotless, have a large meal on the table everyday, make every band concert, sporting event, and cheerleading competition AFTER we have already stayed late at the office, stayed up late the night before writing our book, worked on our business plan, and ran several errands in between these things. But when we do all of this, are we really living the life that we want or are we just going through the motions? I would venture to say that going through the motions is exactly what many of us are doing.

The good news is that, just as I did, you can rewrite the script. You can refocus and start to always keep in mind that your time is YOUR GIFT and how you use it is totally up to you! You have the opportunity to take charge and create a more mindful life and you can start by asking yourself some very important questions:

♥ Is your busyness somehow validating your self-worth and making you feel important?

♥ Do you have trouble delegating because you want to be the “hero” to everyone else?

♥ Are you “stuck in your ways” or is it really more feasible for you to change how you do things?

♥ Are you are a perfectionist who is unhappy if you don’t get the A plus every time?

♥ Have you established boundaries at home and at work?

It took asking these tough questions to get myself off of the roller coaster ride that was my life. What I came to realize and embrace is that how I live my life is my choice. If things are out of control and chaotic, it is because I am allowing it. Now, I think a lot about how I spend my time and in doing so, I make conscious choices that allow me to live life at my own speed and to take the time to just breathe!


5 Responses so far.

  1. Kemi says:

    Wow, Teresa, thank you. Precise and wise.

  2. Habibah says:

    So needed to read this one today!!

  3. Julie says:

    Reforming perfectionist right here! Learning to let go and set boundaries! :-)

  4. Debbie says:

    Just exactly what I needed to read! Gave me food for thought. I am a perfectionist, strive to be a hero, and am accomplishing little. Thanks for reinforcing what I already knew, but needed to see!

  5. Ralene says:

    Amazing empowering words that helps us all learn to BREATH!!!! Thanks

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