Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

During a conversation with some ladies in a women’s group, we expressed our thoughts regarding spiritual maturity and whose responsibility it is for our spiritual growth. I have not always been, but I am now very strong in my conviction regarding this.

It is my belief that as Christians, we have to, at some point, stop acting like “baby Christians” and take responsibility for our own spiritual growth. As adults we can no longer expect to have the elementary principles taught and re-taught to us. We have to take the bull by the horns, become mature in our theology, and be knowledgeable enough to help teach our children and others the fundamentals of our faith.  Just like in life, we must learn how to mature in our faith, get off the “milk” of the word and into the “meat” of it.

Some believe that their pastors are primarily responsible for their spiritual growth and that going to church on Sunday is all it takes to become a mature Christian. While I believe it absolutely essential for Christians to become involved in a bible based church, I do not believe that it ends there. Just like your school teachers who go over the key points of whatever lessons they are teaching, to fully grasp it you must take it upon yourself to study and to apply what you have learned. The teacher, just like the preacher, is there to give you the lesson/word, but what you do with it and how you apply it to your life is totally up to you.

Spiritual Growth IIISome of us are in different phases in our relationship with God, but we are all still responsible for how we develop. The key to continuously developing is to stay in God’s word (read the bible), pray daily and attend church regularly.

If you are a mature believer and are already fully taking responsibility for your spiritual growth, try helping others to grow or to get back on track. Just as Jesus and his 12 disciples did, take the time to go out and mentor others.

Spiritual Growth II

Teresa L. Holmes





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