Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

It was at a very early age that I got sucked into the popular definition of “beautiful” and unfortunately it stuck with me throughout childhood, my teenage years and even into adulthood.  As a child I watched the cutest babies be given extra attention and the more attractive students become teacher’s pets throughout Junior High and High School. Later, in the workplace, I witnessed male managers and supervisors giving special favors to females employees who they considered the most physically attractive. The female superiors did the same for the males.  Special perks “awarded” to the more highly favored included undeserved promotions, projects that generated the most notoriety, additional time off and the best business trips.  For me there was no doubt that those deemed the most beautiful received certain advantages in life.

In High School I watched the self-esteem of one of my very best friends be torn to shreds as she endured being called names like the Grinch, Fugly, Godzilla, and more.  It mattered not that she was an honor student or that she had a heart of gold.  All some could judge her by was her outward appearance.

Without success, a few of us tried to convince her that her looks didn’t matter.  She was smart, gifted and kind to everyone.  As I look back, I realize that had I known the truth about real beauty, I could have helped her discover hers. I could have convinced her that her beauty had nothing to do with her physical features and everything to do with how she chose to define it.

As humans, we are free to think for ourselves and to determine our own definition of beautiful.  For me, the way I choose to go against what is popular and stand up for what is right…that is beautiful.  To consider myself a cowgirl, country line dancer and attend as my country singer concerts as possible…that is beautiful. To have found my true purpose in life and walk in it unequivocally…that is truly beautiful!

You too have the ability to define what beauty is to you. Forget about the definitions created by society.   Defy those standards, make your own rules, follow your heart and BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL!  


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