If Coffee Were Self-Esteem

Cup of Self-Esteem

If some took a huge chug of self-esteem like they did their favorite cup of Joe  each morning, there would be a lot less insecurity, jealousy, bad decisions, and even crime, not to mention overall bad attitudes.

Many say that coffee is an essential and necessary part of living to them, which is fine, but so should be the overall emotional evaluation of his or her life. If some would take the time to brew up high self-regard and ensure that they are self-full just like they do their coffee cup each morning, eliminated would be that negative self talk and ongoing fear that keeps them from moving forward into their destiny. They would also be able to break bad habits caused by low self-esteem, to take better control of their environment, and who they allowed in it.

Personally, I am not a coffee drinker, but I do fill up each morning like the coffee drinkers do. I pour into myself the ingredients I know I need to have a fulfilling and prosperous day. The main ingredient is self-acceptance. It allows me to feel a general sense of happiness about myself, despite my shortcomings. Next I pour in some gratitude. I consider every day a new life and remain grateful for all that I encounter, even those tough times that I have every now and then. Then comes some “filter.” That is to keep out all the negative people. As I tell my clients and mentees, when you know, love and value yourself, the last thing you need is some Negative Nancy or Ned trying to bring you down. Ah, and then comes the attitude of servitude. It really gives some amazing flavor. It allows me to see other’s realities, all I have been gifted, and how fortunate I really am. In addition it enhances my sense of self-worth to know I can add great value to others in need. Fortunately, I have had a serving attitude from a very early age, but I was missing one of the main ingredients for many, many years…the one of self-acceptance.

I don’t always hit the mark with my “concoction.”  Sometimes it is too weak or perhaps too strong. Sometimes I don’t mix in enough of one thing or another and I end up some days not quite my “norm.” Some would say that I am far from “normal” most days and that is quite okay. I don’t allow anyone else to define what normal is for me. Mine is unique and designed for me and not for everyone to understand.

I don’t have to have the “perfect” mix everyday. The important thing is that I know what is needed.  I can have an off day once in a while and still be okay with it.

What about you? What are you pouring in “your cup” each morning?  And no, not the one with your favorite morning beverage. What are you pouring to ensure that you are effectively serving others, to be your best self and to step fearlessly toward your dreams?

Teresa L. Holmes, The Esteemologist

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  1. This was great! I never looked at self-esteem as preparing and/or drinking a cup of coffee. Have to start on the right foot first thing in the morning. To keep positive you have to leave on the negative – thank goodness for filters. Thanks for sharing. have a blessed day.

    Dawn Hester

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