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Although there is one particular Thursday each November that we feature a huge dinner and gather with loved ones for Thanksgiving, every day there is a reason to give thanks. Tomorrow the holiday will be gone, but we should continue to carry that joyous feeling of gratitude and praise with us throughout the following days.

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A couple years ago I spoke at a Women’s Empowerment Conference in New York and after my presentation the host handed me a large, elegantly wrapped box. I reluctantly accepted the gift (I was already being paid a fee to speak) and I reluctantly thanked her for the gesture. Her response to me was something that has changed my entire way of thinking, as it relates to accepting gifts from others. She actually thanked me and said it was a blessing to her that I had accepted her gift.

Thanksgiving Gift

This made me think about how many times I had not accepted someone’s gift in the past…how I had said “No thank you. I will pay for my own meal,” or “I appreciate you but I really can’t accept this.” I had denied so many their blessing of being able to give thanks. In that box was two beautiful Michael Kors purses and I love them both.  Not only are they elegant, but they are two of the most meaningful gifts I have ever received. They remind me that I must not only give thanks, but allow others to express their gratitude also in what ever manner they choose.

Thanksgiving Giving Thanks

 Imagine if you made every day a day of thanks. In fact, there is something in every moment for which you can give thanks. Your family, your job or business, your wisdom, your friends and supporters, your food…all things that you should be grateful for; however, it is easy for you to take for granted.


Tomorrow the established Thanksgiving holiday will be over, but why wait for next November to celebrate? Life is for celebrating and if you choose to do so it can be a never ending gratitude party. Find a way to celebrate life everyday, even if it is a small treat, a view of the sunset or curling up with a book and a drink.

Start each day with appreciation and thankfulness and carry it forward the entire year. Giving thanks is likely the best gift you can give to another and like most good things in life, it won’t cost you one red cent!


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