We Are All Gifted

Each of us has special gifts, granted to us because of the grace that God has given us and we have a responsibility to share those gifts with the world. Often, our gifts are wrapped in packages filled with things that we love to do. However, many of us put off opening those packages out of fear that the contents will take us out of the comforts of our current lives, require us to take risks, or we are concerned about what others may think of us.  We allow that thing called “ego,” to talk us into keeping our gifts under wrap.  We fail to remember that God granted us these gifts for very special reasons and that He wills us to open them, to grow in them and to share each of them with those He has chosen to benefit from them. 

Some of you are not even sure how to find your gifts.  You may ask, “Just what is it that God has willed me to do?”  If this applies to you, ask yourself, “If I could find happiness doing something that I love, what would it be?” You may have to ask yourself this question repeatedly and the answer may not always be the same. The answers may also not come quickly and easily for you. Sometimes honing your true gifts takes a lot of time and work.   

I initially was reluctant to surrender to God’s divine providence for me and spent many years walking blindly through life with my gifts buried under fear and insecurities. I did things my way or to please others. After many mistakes and much suffering and heartache, I embraced God’s word and surrendered to His will for me.  It was then that I was able to accept and begin to remove the wrapping from the gifts that He had solely for me. 

I cannot tell you that I was not uncomfortable when my gifts were first exposed, but I can now say that my faith is stronger than my fears.  Even to that point, faith is not enough. It also requires persistency, focus and hard work to walk in your purpose; the purpose that is the same for each of us…to share our gifts with the world.

 Although the way in which we give of ourselves may differ, there will be some things that are essential for each of us.  I will share three of those that have helped me along my journey.  

 1) You Must Have a Clear Picture of Who Needs Your Gift:

Now that you have identified your passions (those things that absolutely love doing and that bring you happiness) it is imperative to pinpoint who would benefit from your gifts and to make a decision on how you will deliver your gifts to them. And remember that it is ok to start small.  Sometimes that is the best way to start.

 I am passionate about working with women to ignite their passions and to help build their lives and dreams around the things that they love.  Spending time with them puts me in such a happy space and once they start to value themselves they begin to share their happiness with the world as well.  Coaching and inspiring others is just one of my gifts. I have a deep passion for cooking as well.  My family and friends love it when I spend time in my favorite room in the house…my kitchen because they know that they will be on the receiving end of whatever is produced there. 

Those are some of my passions; however, there are some things that downright bring me “pain.” Technology, fashion, photography are all things I need to be successful in business; however, I would rather have a toothache then to work with some of them. Some of you probably feel the same about these and other things and, like me, are grateful for those who are passionate and gifted in those areas. Just as we are grateful for their gifts, there is someone out there waiting for you to share your gifts with them. It is time to take off the covering and get it started.

 2) You Must Believe That Your Gifts Will Bring Joy to You and Others:

Here is where that thing called ego really gets out of control. We operate in fear that our gifts will be rejected; that they are not good enough to share with the world. The truth is, some will reject them, but those who turn you away are not the ones that God intended to be the recipients of your offerings.  There is someone out there in need; waiting to fill a void with exactly what you have. There is someone waiting to become unstuck, to grow, to find their voice and your gift was designed to do just that for them.

What I will profess to you is that when I started doing the things that I loved, no matter how uneasy I felt at times, I found joy, new connections, those who shared in my happiness and offered their gifts to help me along the way. It will be no different for you. When you start doing the things that mean the most to you and reaching out to help others, you will feel it too.

3) You Must Not Quit When Things Get Tough:

Even while doing the things that we love, our journey will be challenged with hardships and setbacks.  I was faced with some of my greatest challenges just as my coaching and speaking business began to prosper. I was given not one, but three life threatening diagnoses (all which required surgery), was dealing with the end of a long-term relationship and was called to be a witness against a former mentor and friend. How was I ever going to get through this? Who could deal with this all at once? The truth is; I did, just as you will deal with any obstacles that threaten your progress and happiness.  As you walk in your purpose and continue to share your gifts with the world, you will become better equipped to deal with things physically, emotionally and spiritually. One of the  most important thing to remember is that we don’t grow and prosper when things are easy, we grow and prosper when we face challenges, and through it all we will find a way to keep sharing our gifts with the world.

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