Embracing Your Personal Power

 “You’ve got the power in your hand. You’ve got the power to make me understand,” are some of the lyrics to one of my favorite James Brown songs. A song I used to be caught singing to the top of my lungs when I was younger. Back then, the lyrics really meant nothing to me; just words to a song that I loved. But now I actually love, understand and embrace the true meaning of power…personal power.

I am not sure that James Brown sang the song with the same type of power or love that I am referencing. From other lyrics in the song (You’re all I need…You’re all I want baby), my guess is that he is referring to the power of love for or from someone else. However, at this stage in my life, the song makes me think of how powerful I am. It confirms for me that I personally have the power within my hands to be, do and have anything that I choose…AND SO DO YOU!

Personal power is the ability to influence what goes on in your life and your relationships. Personal power is about figuring out what you want in life, to advocate for it and to be proactive in going after it. When you have personal power you run through obstacles, bust down barriers, leap to amazing heights, and you keep going.

Take a look at some of my personal affirmations as it relates to personal power. When doing so, also assess your strength, evaluate your growth, and note the areas in which you may need growth. Also, try adding some affirmations of your own.

♦ I use my personal power to help, not control others.

♦ I feel comfortable and confident when embracing my personal power.

♦ I do not see others as being more powerful than me.

♦ I speak up on my own behalf.

♦ I speak words to build up myself and others.

♦ I am able to say no.

♦ I am able to be assertive.

♦ I am no longer intimidated by the power of others.

Of course there are times when I feel more powerful than at other times. Certain situations, moods, people and places all play a part in the level of personal power I feel each day. Trying to remain calm under all circumstances often helps me regain a comfortable level of power.

Today, take a moment to assess your personal power. Embrace how much you have already grown and celebrate you! Also, acknowledge those areas that still need some work, but do so with love and acceptance rather than blame yourself and make excuses. Go Ahead! Be Powerful!


Teresa L. Holmes


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