Dying to be Beautiful



As I typed the title of this article, I cringed because I know oh so well how true it really is. Now, I don’t mean “dying to” in the sense of wanting, longing, dreaming, as some might think. There are some who are actually dying, being disfigured or harming themselves in other ways in an effort to transform their bodies to what they consider to be “beautiful!”

I am not quite sure when this all happened, but things have gone from small to big in a bad way. It used to be that women were dying to be thin, but now it is big posteriors, big lips, and big breasts that some are actually dying to have.

I am reminded of a conversation that I had with a parent not long ago, as she sought out advice from me. Her daughter had been begging her to get butt implants and the mom was very close to relenting. She said, “Some of her friends have done it and they haven’t had any complications so far. They have all gone to the same person and are happy with the results.” I actually wanted to scream through the phone at her, but instead I maintained my composure and asked, “So parents are really paying thousands of dollars for their teenagers to have these procedures?” Why would any parent do this?

She then revealed that a licensed professional had not done the procedures. They had actually gone to a “pumper,” which was much cheaper.  I anger at the thought of someone who would take their child to anyone for such a procedure, but especially someone who is performing it that is not professionally trained or licensed.

There were so many things wrong with this, but I would have to begin with the parents. Why would one even consider putting their child at risk just to give them a false sense of beauty? No silicone or any other kind of “enhancement” will help them become a well rounded (no pun intended) and successful person. Beauty or fulfillment has nothing to do with how large or small any of your body parts are, except for the size of your heart.

Another issue is self-esteem. There are so many who know not their worth or the greatness they have within. Instead they choose to be in the copy-cat, cookie cutter mode and be content with other’s definition of beauty.

In a few weeks I will share the stage with a young lady who struggled with low self-esteem and negative body image. For several years she thought about getting implants and finally made the decision to do it. She went to someone who was not licensed or trained and did the procedures out of her basement. Although she did not die, she lost both legs and arms because of it. Due to major infections and numerous surgeries they had to do the amputations.

She and I discussed last week in a telephone conversation another case that is pending. The young lady in this case was not so fortunate and lost her life after receiving implants by a non-professional.

I am on a mission to empower women and teens to start and continue the journey of self-love; to stop defining themselves by the wrong body parts. I want them to know that where they will find true joy is on the inside of them.

Teresa L. Holmes, The Esteemologist

Executive Director, Bounce Back DNA Movement


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