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This may come as a surprise to some, but I am a certified coach who has coaches…YES, I have more than one coach and I pay them all.

There are many who question why coaches hire other coaches. Many think it will take away from their creditability as a coach; however, I have found quite the opposite to be true. In fact, for most in the coaching world, you will often be questioned as to why you don’t have one or more coaches.

There are so many facets to being a coach/entrepreneur and the truth is that there is no way to be an expert in all required areas. As I built my coaching business, I came to the realization that I needed help and sought out to get it. My business and personal life have been enhanced in so many ways since I did so.

Truthfully, not only coaches, but EVERYONE can benefit from a coach and/or mentor and I recommend it for everyone. I have found so many advantages in this ongoing investment. Below I will name a few:

Expertise/Wisdom: This is the main reason to seek out a coach. You will need someone with a high level of expertise in whatever area you are trying to strengthen and/or to gain knowledge. Seek out someone who comes well recommended and has proven themselves in their field. Research is key!

I knew a few years before actually starting my coaching/speaking business exactly what I wanted to do and decided to start the building process while still working a full-time job. While making a list of my strengths and weaknesses, one of the areas identified as needing the most help was branding. For two years I researched and studied branding experts/coaches and made a list of who I considered to be the top three. When it was time to launch my business I had narrowed it down to two and made my final decision after speaking to both of them via telephone. It proved to be an excellent choice and she was not only a great coach, we are now also great friends who plan to collaborate with an event during the upcoming year.

Enthusiastic: Your coach should be someone who is enthusiastic and is passionate about what they do. They should also be enthusiastic about helping you learn and prosper. Effective coaches are intense and are those who push you to reach deep down within yourself and to bring the best you to the surface.

One of my first coaches was a Federal attorney, who at times intimidated me, but no matter how much I wanted to walk away from her sometimes, I was always drawn back to her for more. She settled for nothing less than excellence and consistently kept me on my toes. I left that coaching relationship with so much ambition and felt ready to take the bull by the horns.

Not all of my coaching/mentoring relationships have been that productive, however. If you find yourself in a relationship with someone who does not seem to care, it may not be the right one for you. If they are not actively pushing you to reach higher and higher, they may not truly have your best interest in mind.

Accountability – There are so many benefits to someone holding you accountable…someone who expects you to show up in every area of your life and who reminds you that you must do so.

As a whole, we tend to slack less when we know there is someone to whom we must report. Actually, this blog is the result of someone holding me accountable. I entered a blogging challenge with a brilliant coach who I knew would stretch me and hold me and the rest of the group accountable. This challenge has proven to be so beneficial to me, both personally and professionally. I am now more passionate about writing than ever before and some of my writings have drawn attention to my coaching/speaking profession and landed me some speaking engagements.

Relationships: I have been both the coach and the client in coaching relationships and in many cases have ended up becoming much, much more. Because you and the other person involved are investing so much emotionally in each other, strong bonds are often built that can often last a life time.

When I found speaking publicly to be one of my passions, I sought out a speaking coach. Again, I did my research on speaking coaches and was fortunate enough to find a coach who taught me how important it was to be a storyteller…to use my personal experiences to help others heal and break cycles. I have used the knowledge and experience gained through this coaching relationship to help build a public speaking program and a movement that provides a platform for others to heal and to others help heal by telling their personal stories.

If you are a coach (or other) and you are seeking to get to the next level, hiring a coach is a must.  There is nothing more beneficial and humbling than having an expert help you, be honest with you, and push you to improve the areas in which you need to improve.

Teresa L. Holmes


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  1. Kemi says:

    yes too right you are Teresa. Love the powerful punch n your blog. Thanks for the emphasis!

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