Breaking the Cycle of Low Self-Esteem

untitled (70)  Throughout my entire childhood, I was surrounded and raised by women with low self-esteem. In fact, they had no idea of the meaning of it. My grandmother, who birthed 13 children and raised some of her grandchildren (including me most of the time) was one of the, She was content to allow my grandfather to bring home the check and then carry on with his drinking and indiscretions. She was fine to stay at home embroidering and baking, with no concern about what was going on outside of her. My mother and her sisters in turn grew up with their own set of issues…not loving or valuing themselves, mostly because of the example that had been set for them. And then we were born into this…my siblings, cousins, and me. But it did not only damage the females. There were also men who suffered.

When I look back, it was very obvious that some family members were struggling with low self-value based on the decisions they made and the consequences they endured because of them. However, I became very good at covering up how I truly felt about myself. The masks I wore were many.

Eventually the weight from carrying them began to wear me down and finally I was forced to remove them all deal with what was underneath. What I found when the masks went crashing to the floor one by one, was a broken little girl who had grown into a broken teenager and then a broken woman. A woman who had made one bad decision after another, but was able to hide them. One who had gotten involved in all the wrong relationships, and one who had accepted people into her world that were not there because they cared for her, but for what they could get from her. I found someone who did not love, value or even take the proper care of herself. And with that discovery, I vowed to change these things no matter what…no matter how hard it might be.

I went on a journey of self-discovery; one where I would learn why I thought, felt and acted the way I did and what I needed to do to change it. I learned about self-esteem, self-respect, but most of all I learned to love myself. I learned that I was put on this earth to give from my heart and my soul, but not to be taken advantage of by anyone.

My learning did not end there. I was renewed, refreshed, revived and I knew that there was a reason for it. This couldn’t be just about me. There had to be much more to his journey. I wanted to share what I gained through this process. I had to find a way to do it. There was no doubt to me that there were many other women out there who were also broken.

I started mentoring, teaching and sharing my storing with others and it left such an amazing feeling. I knew I had to continue it. Eventually, I established a coaching practice and I named it Full ‘Steem Ahead (major focus on self-esteem). I now knew how important it was to value yourself and without that foundation everything else would likely crumble.

Things began to evolve and evolve and I continued on my quest for learning and then sharing. Fast forward a few years and I am not only the Executive Director of Full ‘Steem Ahead but also the Igniting Passions Globally and Bounce Back DNA Movement.

One of the things I discovered was the power in my journey…in sharing my personal story. And I wanted other women and teens to feel that same power and to know that their story too could help others. Through both movements I continue to share my story, but also provide platforms for other women and teens to join me. I now travel the world speaking, networking and empowering others.

If you are hindered by low self-esteem, feel the need to be empowered, or would like to share your story, please visit us at We are here to help you.


            Teresa L. Holmes

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  1. Shannon Robinson says:

    Awesome!! Thank you for sharing. And thank you for starting the Movement. So many lives are being changed because…..including mine.

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