Being Honest with Yourself

One of my favorites quotes is “Integrity is telling myself the truth and honesty is telling the truth to others.”…Spencer Johnson

This may sound very confusing, but for some there is very little that they hate more than being honest, especially when it comes to telling the truth about themselves. I can certainly relate with them. I was once one of them.

Be True to Who You Are

I spent years not being honest with myself or acknowledging who I had become and what I needed to change. I avoided looking within. I denied my insecurities and masked them with helping others live their best lives, even though I was no where close to living mine.

Finally, circumstances forced me into some self-reflection, It was then that I started to lift the rock of insecurity up off of my life. With the help of mentors, speaking/writing, and the support of some great friends, I started my journey to freedom and I have never looked back, except to reflect on the lessons that came from my journey.


Initially the journey was very difficult. If you’re not used to being honest with yourself, you cannot even imagine the difficulty you will have. The good news is that you will probably only be able to dish it out to yourself in very small doses, but once you do, it will set you free!

And once you get a taste of “No More Lying to Myself Freedom,” you will want more and more of it and the need for hiding your true self with disappear. For me, I never imagined myself being so secure and content that I would travel the world speaking or writing a book about my life, but here I am honest, happy, revealing and free!

I am Free


Teresa L. Lindsey










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