Are You Bitter or Better? – Knowing the Difference

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Some say they are better off after the breakup of a relationship, losing a job, not getting a role for which they auditioned, or the downfall of their business. They say that they have overcome it and the situation is no longer an issue. However, when they are revengeful, full of rage, and they continuously make it a topic of conversation, have they truly moved on?

When your experience with one man or woman makes you a “hater” of all…when you are not able to emotionally remove yourself from a position although you have been physically removed…or you cannot forgive your business partner for their actions that caused your business to fail, you are still bitter. In fact, you are far from being better.

When you are filled with anger, revenge, spite or any other feelings associated with bitterness, you are sacrificing your physical and emotional well being. Like years of consuming alcohol, smoking, and unhealthy eating, you do not see the effects immediately, but after a while it will take its toll on you.

Bitterness keeps you in victim mode and prevents you from attracting positive people into your circle. It makes you difficult to deal with and can perhaps cause you to lose a lot more than what you have already endured. Even family and friends will not enjoy being around you and will wish that you would get over your tirade and on with your life.

On the other hand, being better is about accepting your fate and choosing to move on from it. It is making peace with whatever has caused you pain and letting go of the negativity. You do this not for the other person or people who contributed to the situation, but for you. Being better is about self-growth and learning from whatever knocked you down. Being better means that you experience a new sense of self. Bitterness only hinders your progress.

Now ask yourself, are you bitter or are you better? Are you still holding on to the “bad” things that were done to you or are you thinking of future opportunities and building new relationships? What is standing in the way of you going from bitter to better?

Bitter or Better


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  1. Wumi Oyewole says:

    A truly inspirational post Teresa. I love the fact that a person can say that they are better and still be bitter at the same time. In your own words, “today I choose to be better”.

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