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We help ladies and teens recognize their self worth and transform their lives into ones of freedom and beauty.

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Empowerment Speaking

We share personal and empowering stories to help others overcome obstacles, release old shame, let go of the pain and created success and extraordinary lives.

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We create an interactive and inviting learning environment where women and teens remove masks, discover their inner strength and move forward to building careers and dreams around the things that they love.

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Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.

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Can you learn to be an entrepreneur? Learning things just became easier.

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Are You Inspired? Get inspired with Us Today!

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In the world of business, the word "startup" goes beyond a company just getting off the ground.

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Dying to be Beautiful


As I typed the title of this article, I cringed because I know oh so well how true it really is. Now, I don’t mean “dying to” in the sense of wanting, longing, […]

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If Coffee Were Self-Esteem

If some took a huge chug of self-esteem like they did their favorite cup of Joe  each morning, there would be a lot less insecurity, jealousy, bad decisions, and even crime, not to mention […]

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